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TO Veil or not to Veil

So you have found the dress of your dreams! Now you need to start thinking accessories! Traditionally, veils have been worn with wedding gowns for an aray of historical and religious reasons. Nowadays, veils aren't always worn with a wedding gown and there are many different options out there to pick from if a veil is not quiet your style!


Option #1: short or long?

If you are going to wear a veil, the disission making doesnt end there! Viels can come in all lengths, colors, and designs. The most common lengths are fingertip and cathedral. Once you've decided on the length you need to consider the design! Do you want a viel with heavy beading, covered in pearls, or maybe a plain on just to add drama? Just like your dress, the viel is another layer of the wedding ensamble you get to tailor to your own taste!


option #2: capes, capes, capes

Another option in the realm of bridal accessories are capes! This alternative is nice if you are considering a cathedral length viel, but don't want the weight of that pulling on your head as you walk down the aisle. Capes also come in all different colors, styles, and lengths once again allowing stylistic freedom!


option #3: Head pieces

Viels are considered the most traditional route in terms of bridal accessories. However, if you are looking to break free from traditon- head pieces are a great alternative! There are literally millions of options ranging in sizes, styles, and colors. Maybe you are looking for a small amount of bling to add to your hair, or maybe you want a stunning crown. The possibilities are endless with head pieces! If you cant decided between viel or headpiece you can combine them with a viel and have it all!

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