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summer wedding must haves!

The summer is one of the best seasons for outdoor events; vacations are on everyone’s mind, so guests from out of town will happily make their travel arrangements to attend; flowers, fruit, and color are all in season; and more. Whether you’re already in the midst of planning a summer wedding or you’re hoping to start planning soon, we thought we would explore our list of the top 4 must-haves for summer celebrations!



The summer is the season to embrace outdoor weddings of all kinds, and they are always some of our most memorable. Here in Charleston, Boone Hall Planation is a great destination for an outdoor wedding! The scenery is unmatched and perfectly captures South Carolina's southern charm.



Summer is the season to embrace bold shades! When searching for color inspiration, we suggest looking at flowers that are in season. Bright coral and hot pink peonies are still in season at the start of summer, yellow is a color we all frequently see, and bold shades of red and even orange start to pop up once dahlias and zinnias bloom later in August.


cocktail attire

Black tie attire always looks gorgeous at weddings. But, if you’re hosting your celebration outdoors during the summer, try to shy away from black tie requirements and embrace cocktail attire instead, to keep everyone a little cooler. While some may still opt for longer dresses, cocktail attire typically makes ladies feel encouraged to wear shorter dresses. Plus, gents won’t need to wear tuxedos and will be happy to add navy sport coats to complete their looks.


welcome Station

When guests are getting ready for your wedding, sunscreen may not be at the forefront of their minds. However, time spent in the sun during your ceremony and cocktail hour may cause them to wish they had added it. So, we recommend adding sunscreen to an amenity kit you can keep outside for guests to easily access. The other product we recommend adding to your kit is bug spray! Mosquitos are notorious during the summer-especially in South Carolina! Guests always appreciate being able to keep them at bay while they enjoy your celebration!

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