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Every Bride and Groom wishes for beautiful weather on their wedding day. Which is why in the South, it's known that if you bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down at the venue, they will have perfect weather on their wedding day. This must be done exactly one month before the wedding and on a day that has the weather they're wishing for!


In the South it's traditional for brides to take a bridal portrait. Back in the day, it was very rare for there to be a photographer and the bridal portrait would be the only way to remember what the bride looked like on her special day. Southern brides have been known to book a solo photography session weeks before the wedding but some decide to wait for the actual wedding day. Traditionally, Southern parents-of-the-bride display the portrait in their homes!


Outdoor ceremonies and receptions are very popular in the South. Especially, in places like Charleston and Savannah. With the beautiful Spanish moss-covered trees, Historical plantations and Ocean views, it's hard to go wrong. Spring, Summer and early Fall are the perfect time when everything is in full bloom. Many couples uphold the Southern wedding tradition of celebrating marriage in the great outdoors, even if that means hot summer nights and threats of rain.


Serving delicious food has always been a Southern tradition, and your wedding day is no exception. The Southern staples include; shrimp and grits, fried chicken and pulled pork with southern sides. The meal is usually served buffet-style, to ensure that the party never stops and guests are always mingling. There's nothing like a Southern spread to steal the show!


What started out as a Victorian tradition found its way to the great South. Groom’s cakes were originally created for "stronger taste palates" and would be richer in flavor like dark cocoa, bourbon and fresh fruit. Now the tradition has become a chance for the bride to impress her groom with a creative cake that speaks to his personality and interests. Some popular themes include; sports teams, superheroes and the groom's alma mater!
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credit: (Southern Living, Martha Stewart, Zola, Nmickle Photography)

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