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Sister Spotlight: Verita brides Jen & melissa

Sister, sister! Here at Verita, we know that weddings are such a special time to share with your family and friends. We love getting to work with our brides and their families, and we have had the privilege of having a few sister brides who both found their dream dresses with us! Enter Jen & Melissa Doering, such a sweet sister pair who were kind enough to participate in this weeks blog to tell us about their weddings and dress shopping experiences. These two came to Verita two years apart and both left with their perfect wedding dress! We'll go through their weddings & Verita experiences as told by them!

Their story:

Jen and Dom: My husband Dom and I met as interns at work where we were then coworkers for the next couple years. We started dating as interns and got engaged almost 3 years later. In March 2020 during the very beginning of COVID, we were getting super stir crazy having to quarantine in the house for so long (if you remember in the beginning of the pandemic people like never left their houses ever lol). We decided to go on a long hike with our dog at Rock Gap, MD where he proposed in front of the lake there.

Melissa and John: My husband John and I grew up together in Street, MD since the 6th grade and became best friends through middle and high school. We both went off to college, drifted away from each other, but being back home for Christmas break is when we rekindled. He brought his golden retriever over to play with my golden retriever, and the rest is history! We proposed to me a few years later on his family's farm in Street, MD. We moved to Charleston together after college where he works in golf sales at Wild Dunes and I became a Nurse Practitioner practicing at Charleston Thyroid Center.

Their Verita experience:

Jen: My Verita experience was such an incredible experience! I remember when I went with my sister two years before I went, she tried on so many gowns where I kept thinking to myself like oh my gosh I want these exact dresses for my wedding day!! Sure enough two years later I got to be the one trying them all on where I then found my dress :) My sister and I both only went to Verita to dress search and each found our dress the first day going. I fell in love with my dress from the elaborate detailing and beading, with the perfect about of sparkle. I came in with the idea in my mind to go with a fitted spaghetti strap dress which is what I ended up getting. When I went to Verita to help my sister find her dress, we also found my maid of honor dress and the rest of the bridesmaids dresses immediately following picking out the wedding dress. We did this same thing when I went to get my wedding dress, so it was fun having my sister and I go through the exact process (pick the wedding dress followed by picking the MOH/bridesmaid dresses) with our roles flip flopped each time.

Melissa: "My experience at Verita was nothing short of amazing. Jess and her staff were so welcoming and right when I walked in, my nerves suddenly diminished. Jess and I spoke before my appointment to get a feel of the image and vibe I was looking for. The dress I chose was the second dress I tried on! The process was so easy, so much fun, and it is an experience I will remember forever thanks to Jess and her staff."

Melissa got her dress, her bridesmaids dress, mother of the bride dress, and menswear through Verita!

The weddings:

Jen got married at St. Michael's in Maryland. She had a June wedding with a blush and champagne color palette!

Melissa got married at Wild Dunes here in Charleston. Her wedding was in October and the color scheme was maroon and navy!

While each wedding is unique and personal, there were some aspects to these weddings that both sisters had in common. They both had over 200 guests, they both had 6 bridesmaids & groomsmen, and they were both each other's maid of honor! Another fun detail of their weddings was that both venues gave them the option of having all of the guests stay on premise for the whole weekend! Guests and wedding party members arrived Thursday night and stayed through a farewell brunch on Sunday, giving the Doering sisters each a whole weekend to celebrate with the people they love most! Both Jen and Melissa also used the same artist to do a live painting at their weddings!

We love our Verita brides and we are so grateful to the Doering sisters for choosing Verita for their big day! Both of these ladies were stunning Verita brides and we hope you've enjoyed seeing a glimpse into their weddings as much as we have! Cheers to the happy couples!

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