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Alyssa and Billy

Q : What was your original date?

A: My wedding was originally scheduled for April 11, 2020.

Q : How did COVID-19 change your plans?

A: My wedding was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19. My fiancé is in federal law enforcement which meant that due to the Presidential election this year, we would be unable to reschedule for anytime in 2020 after June so we had to make the really tough decision to cancel all plans.

Q : What alternate plans have you made?

A: Thankfully, I have a really supportive family and an amazing best friend/maid of honor and they decided to help us pull together a backyard wedding on our original date so we could still get married. My MOH got ordained so she could marry us, and my parents fixed up the back yard with an arch and some really beautiful flowers. I was finally able to wear my dress! While it was not our plan, it was still very special and I was able to marry the man of my dreams.

Q : Do you plan on having another ceremony in the future?

A: We are planning a vow renewal for 2021, which will be sort of our wedding 2.0,

so we can be with all our family and friends!

Rebekah and Ryan

Q : What was your original date and venue?

A: My original plans were to host the ceremony in front of the pineapple fountain downtown, and the reception venue was at The Room on Meeting street. Our date is November 21st, 2020.

Q : How did COVID-19

change your plans?

A: The date hasn't changed, but everything else has changed! 90% of my friends are from Australia. My fiancé, Ryan, is from Scotland. So all of his friends and family are in the UK. We aren't even sure if his parents will be able to use their already booked tickets and my friends in Australia are hearing that their borders for international travel could be off until 2021.

Since we can't guarantee who will actually be able to come, I couldn't justify spending so much money on such a big wedding.

Q : What changes have you made?

A: Instead, we have opted for a more DIY/homey vibe. We will be having a reception at our home. The people still in America and my family (up in Columbia) will be invited, but we don't plan on having anyone at the actual marriage ceremony. It didn't seem fair that my family would be able to attend, but not his.

Q : What have you learned from this experience?

A: Life is an adventure, and we seem to always come out smelling of roses. The most important thing to me and Ryan isn't the big lavish reception, the food we hand picked, décor we had already started ordering, etc. It's the fact that we are marrying each other. He's my best friend, and I'll forever now be able to tell our future kids the story of how an unprecedented, global pandemic ruined their parent's wedding, but started their marriage off with a bang!

Q : What advice would you give brides in similar situations?

A: My advice to other brides would be to just not worry about it. My motto is 'It is what it is'. We can't change anything that's happening, so don't let it stress you! Just enjoy the fact that by the end of the year, you and your best friend will be married!

Cara and Ben

Q : What was your original wedding date and venue?

A: Our original wedding date was May 30, 2020 at Legare Waring House at Charles Towne Landing.

Q : What plans did you have to change because of COVID-19?

A: We had to change venues because of COVID-19. Charles Towne Landing doesn’t have any indoor areas, with most of our guests from out of state, we decided having an outdoor wedding in the middle of the hot summer was not for us. There also weren’t any preferred dates until 2022.

Q : What is your new venue and date?

A: We made the decision to change our venue to Alhambra Hall on Thursday July 30, 2020.

Q : What helped you get through this hard time?

A: Our friends and family are truly amazing. Without them and their optimism, I couldn’t have gotten through all of this. My amazing fiancé just went with the flow and gave me his opinion along the way which was wonderful. Ultimately, my mom has been my rock. She has certainly been my voice of reason and has heard me cry at least 20 times because of all of this. She has done everything in her power to make this as easy as possible and has helped plan our gorgeous upcoming wedding which we cannot wait for!

Q : Are you still celebrating on your original wedding date?

A: We still plan to get married with immediate family on May 30, 2020 in a backyard wedding on James Island. We plan to have Home Team BBQ cater. Ben and I met at Home Team BBQ 4 years ago, so we thought it would be the perfect dinner to celebrate our wedding!

Q : What advice would you give brides in similar situations?

A: My recommendations for future brides who may have to cancel their weddings would just be to breathe and remember what weddings are actually about. This has been devastating to both Ben and I, but we’ve gotten through it together. I couldn’t have done it without him and our absolutely amazing friends & family who have checked on us and helped us every step of the way. Life doesn’t go as planned!

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