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Let's be honest, one of the highlights of any event is the food, and weddings are no exception. Whether you're a traditional dessert person, or you want to try something trendy or unique, the dessert options for weddings are endless!

Cake, cake, cake

Everyone loves a good wedding cake! You can go with the classic, multi-layered cake iced to perfection. It's a classic for a reason! We are also seeing a lot of floral designs being incorporated into cakes. A third cake option that is becoming really popular is the minimalist naked cake. I love the simple, understated, boho look of these ones.

go nuts with Doughnuts!

Donuts have been continually rising in popularity as a wedding dessert of choice. We've seen doughnut cakes, doughnut walls, and mini munchkin stands! Doughnuts are a fun alternative to your traditional dessert options!


Who doesn't love a good cookie selection? With that warm, comforting, homemade feeling, these desserts are sure to be a hit with everyone! With so many different options of types and flavors, there will be something for every person to enjoy! You can have a macaron cake, a cookie bar, etc. You can also package up cookies and use them as the perfect wedding favor!

Pie time

Another great dessert option is to use pies in place of, or in addition to, a traditional cake. I think this is such a cute option and something different from what your guests will expect! You an do an array of mini pies, or a pie bar with a spread for everyone to share! This gives your desserts a little more of a savory feel and would be great anytime of year but especially for those fall and winter weddings!

An Ice cream dream

For one more dessert idea, some couples have opted to do ice cream bars for their reception. Think signature mini milkshakes along with a topping bar. A super cute way to have ice cream as your dessert is to rent a vintage ice cream truck that your guests can visit during the reception!

Make your wedding sweet in whatever way speaks to you and your fiance, there are so many ways to have fun and be creative with the dessert selection!

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