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Halloween weddings

Happy Halloween week lovelies! The season of spooky, cozy fall weather, pumpkins, apple picking, and dressing up is in full swing. Halloween has always been a popular wedding time for people who want to do something different for their big day. Halloween weddings can have super fun themes, holiday color schemes, and brides thinking outside the box in terms of their gown and decor! Let's look at some ideas that would be perfect for a Halloween wedding.

Be bold in black

One trend to be on the lookout for with Halloween weddings is wearing a black gown. This is a bold, edgy, fun twist on the classic wedding dresses. It is the perfect color for a Halloween wedding and you will be sure to stand out in a beautiful black wedding dress!

For those brides who are getting married on Halloween and want to have touches of black but still tend to be more traditional, an ivory/white gown with a black lace overlay is the perfect compromise! You can still have the traditional wedding dress with an edgy twist!

Halloween Accessorizing

Black veils, spooky season jewelry and hair pieces, dark and moody flowers, there are endless creative ways to bring the Halloween theme in to your accessories for your Halloween wedding! Whether you want minimal Halloween touches, or you want to go all out with the theme, you can find the perfect accessories to match your wedding vibe!


Good desserts are a highlight of any wedding, and Halloween weddings are full of creative dessert inspiration. If you are a cake lover, just hop over to Pinterest and get inspired by the hundreds of awesome Halloween cake designs!

If you're looking for some other ideas, you could do a pumpkin and apple cider donut cake! Or let your guests trick or treat at this adorable candy dessert table!

So cheers to all of you Halloween brides celebrating this holiday along with the people you love most!

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