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Flower Power

Flowers have always been a part of weddings- but we are seeing the love for them bloom as they are used in more and more ways. From big floral arrangements to flower walls and flower arches, they can be used in every aspect of the decorating. Whether it's for the backdrop of their ceremony, lining the aisles, or flowers everywhere you look, flowers can add so much beauty and color however they are incorporated.

One of the most popular ways that people are incorporating flowers into their wedding is having floral arrangements lining the aisle. The bride will look like she is walking through a field of flowers down to her spouse and the pictures from the ceremony space will look stunning with so many flowers surrounding the bride!

Arches! This has been another big trend, and we will see this trend continuing to grow. Whether your style is more bold, neutral, boho, or minimalist, their is a flower arch design perfect for every aesthetic! Floral designers are brilliant artists and will work to bring all of your flower arch dreams into reality. The style of the flower arch can be a fun way to showcase the couple's personality.

We are all about cute photo ops these days, and what better backdrop than a stunning wall full of flowers?! These flower walls have been on the rise in the world of wedding decor. This is a beautiful place for the couple to get some awesome pictures, and also a fun spot for the guests to get pictures on your big day!

It is also trending to just have you dinner/ reception space bursting with flowers. Surrounding the head table with flowers, or filling the entire space from floor to ceiling with flowers, this trend gives spaces a very enchanted and romantic feeling.

However you choose to decorate at your wedding, there are a million ways to use flowers. They are a gorgeous option to add some color, liven up a space, or complete transform a venue into a total wow moment!

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