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First Look 101

Deciding on who to share your first look with can be a tough choice to make! There are a few routes you can take and no matter which direction you choose it is guaranteed to make for great pictures!



For a lot of brides their first love was their father. Being able to share that special moment of a transition from baby girl to endowed bride is a sacred and treasured moment. One of the many responsibilities of fathers is to protect their daughters and make sure that they are sending them off to be loved and protected by their future spouse. Plus, it is always fun to place bets on whether or not Dad is going to shed his tough exterior when he sees his little girl all grown up in a wedding gown for the first time.


Bridal Party

These ladies have stuck by your side while you kissed frog after frog waiting for one of them to turn into your prince charming. Surprising them with your final look as a beautiful bride is a magically moment filled with tears followed by squeals of joy. You did it! You found your prince charming and now you get to live your happy every after with your bride tribe by your side!



Traditional and classic is always a good way to go! This person has seen you at your best and worst - now they get to see you all done up. The sweet tears and overwhelming feelings of happiness will be one of the sweetest moments on camera and make for lasting memories.


Pranking the Groom

An unconventional route but great for any prankster is having the best man put on a wedding gown to surprise the groom, who is expecting to see his bride. Weddings are filled with lots of emotion and sometimes comedic relief is much appreciated. These moments are cherished between lifelong friends and reminds the groom that no matter what he is going through he'll always have his buddies to put a smile on his face.

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