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Dress Silhouettes

When shopping for your dress, the main thing you have to think about first is the kind of shape your dress will have! Do you want a huge ballgown or do you want to show off your figure more? Either way, we have every style for you here at Verita!



The bigger the better with this kind of dress- If you're a bride who wants a ball gown, go big or go home!



This shape is perfect for the bride who wants to have a full skirt, but not a massive skirt. An A-line skirt will be flowy and airy.



A mermaid silhouette is easily described as a fitted gown with the flare of the skirt starting at or below the knee. This type of dress will have a seam that separates the top and bottom around your knees.



This style is very similar to a mermaid, however, there will be no seam separating the skirt near your knees. A trumpet will have structure on the inside of the dress to create a flare at the bottom.



This type of silhouette is thought of as a typical fitted dress. A column or sheath dress with be fitted from top to bottom.


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