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Color Scheme Trends!

One of many decisions that a Bride has to make in regards to her wedding day is the color scheme she wants to have! This is one of the most important decisions because it impacts the entire wedding- from decorations at the reception all the way to the color of the bridal party and everything in-between! Here are few color scheme's that are totally trending.


1. neutrals for days

No matter the season, neutrals are appropriate in any setting. Sage green and taupe for example look stunning in the summer sun, but also give a cozy and cool feel in the winter snow.


2. dark and moody

With fall just around the corner, you can't go wrong with rich emerald greens and deep purples. Or even dark blues and orange for a spooky feel with an elegant touch!


3. vibrant- because you shouldn't be scared of color!

There is no wrong color for your wedding! Any color can fit any theme and if bright yellow and golds speak to you then we say, "go for it!"


4. Mix and match!

Sometime's it is hard to commit to one color- especialy when you dont have too! It can be fun to mix and match different colors and fabrics to create a unique and one of a kind look.

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