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Bridal Styles through the years!

Fashion is constantly changing, so what better way than to look back on wedding dress styles over the years! Fashion really took of in the twenties, so let’s take a look at wedding dress styles starting in 1920!!



We can thank the Roaring Twenties for two super popular weddings styles: beaded gowns and cathedral length veils! In the twenties it was very popular to have the fringe, flapper girl look. This vintage fitted dress has a striking geometric design accented with elaborate beading, pearls, fringe and sequins.

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The dirty thirties brought us classic and romantic styles such as long sleeves and lace details Most dresses had either a high neck or a high back, lace details, and long sleeves!



The soft romantic look was still most popular, however the only main difference was the sleeves were now made from lace instead of the gown material! The flirty forties is where chiffon became the material of choice and the cap sleeve became very popular too!



The 1950’s changed wedding fashion drastically! Extravagant, full skirts, sweetheart necklines, and pearls started to take off. Shorter veils became more popular as brides opted for grand ballgowns.



Styles became much more slim and shorter in the sixties! There was a resurgence of high necklines, but those were balanced out with much shorter hemlines as miniskirts and tee length dresses took over the fashion industry.



This was a time for florals and flow! The 70’s is what inspired the new favorite boho look for a ton of brides! This timeframe also stuck with the higher neckline and chiffon trends from past decades.



Everyone nowadays jokes about the 80’s and what women wore! We can thank the 80’s for puff sleeves and taffeta!! In honor of the 80’s, pictured below is my sweet momma on her big day all those years ago! Not only did she have the fully beaded bodice and puffy sleeves, she also had the cathedral train and BOW!!



Even tho some people were still into the puffy sleeves and extravagant styles, the nineties brought us back to slimmer styles and the sheath dress silhouette was all the rage! Silk and Satin gowns were a must have!



Simplicity remained in the 2000’s, with strapless dresses and understated styles taking the lead.

The history of dresses is always cool to learn about! Hope you enjoyed!!

-Sophie, Manager of Verita Bridal

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