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Bridal Hairstyles based off your wedding dress

Half up half down for a whimsical Look

If you’ve got a gown with detailing that you don’t want to cover with your hair, a half up style is a great option for a playful look!

Dress Down a Versatile Gown

Have a gown that you think might be too formal? For this situation, we recommend wearing your hair down with a natural wave to dress it down!

Showing Off a Highly Detailed Gown

If you want your heavily detailed gown to be the main focus of your wedding day, wear your hair in an updo so all those details can be seen!

Balance a Bottom-Heavy Gown

Mermaids and trumpets, are quite bottom heavy. To balance that, we recommend wearing your hair teased at the roots and adding a braid for volume. This creates a wedding day look that flows beautifully from head to toe!

Dress Up a Simple Gown

If you opted for a minimalistic gown and your vision is a formal style, wear your hair in a chic low bun and add a beaded comb to dress it up!

You Do You

if your hair vision doesn’t fit our suggestions, then you do you! We’re sure you’ll rock your bridal look either way!

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credit: getty images, calla blanche, rebecca ingram

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