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Communicate honestly with your consultant

If you have a favorite dress from another store, it doesn’t offend us. Show us photos at the start of your appointment so we know what you’re comparing to. While you’re trying on, be honest when we ask you questions like what you don’t like about a particular dress. Your honest feedback will only help us find you the perfect dress!

Don’t ghost us !

Can’t come to, or don’t need your appointment anymore? Don’t no-show - just give us a call and be honest! We promise we don’t bite. Found your dress elsewhere? Call and let us know! We’d rather you be upfront than never hear from you again after we’ve spent time working with you.

Abide by COVID regulations

Our precautions are in place to protect our staff and all our customers. Please keep your mask on for the entirety of your appointment except when actively sipping champagne. We do allow the bride to take hers off briefly to see herself in her favorite dresses. Trust me, we don’t like having to wear them just as much as you don’t, but we want everyone to feel safe! It just makes it awkward when we have to ask - so please don’t force us to!

Limit small children

Only bring small children if they have a designated chaperone who can keep an eye on them for your entire appointment and won’t let them run free through the store. Believe it or not, there are a lot of hazards which could harm a small child - ie heavy mirrors, racks, small buttons or beads on the ground, etc. Keep in mind too that children tend to be distracting, so if you really want to be able to focus and have your entourage focus on you, it may be a good idea to get a babysitter! And yes, a child (other than an infant) will count towards your total guest count and with the COVID limitations we have in place, that means they may be taking the spot of a valuable adult.

Bring the 1-3 people you NEED there

Need mom, your MOH, a special aunt, etc to feel ready to say “yes”? Make sure you bring them to your appointment! You’re going to want them there the first time you slip into that dress that gives you all the feels. Otherwise, you’ll feel they missed out on that very special moment!

Be open to FaceTime

Since COVID hit, more and more brides are resorting to FaceTiming out of town friends and family who can’t travel for their appointment. Prep the people you’d like to FaceTime before your appointment so they can be ready for your call, and be a part of your experience! Trust us, it will still give you goosebumps when they answer the FaceTime and gasp with excitement over how beautiful you look.

Are you looking for a fun and personal bridal experience? Click here to book an appointment with Verita Bridal today!
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