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7 food stations you need at your wedding reception

You want your wedding to be special, different, and you want it to stand out from the other weddings. A few ways to help your wedding stand out from the others are to have a creative food station. If you and your fiance have a love for the same kind of treat or food this is a great way to express your relationship through your wedding!


Charcuterie Station

If you're a couple who loves wine and cheese, and you drool over a decorative charcuterie board- this station is for you. It is so colorful and always has something for everyone to enjoy!


Ice cream bar

An ice cream bar is perfect for a summer wedding! Your guests can enjoy a sweet treat once dinner is over and this is always a fun surprise. They can pick their flavor and their toppings so everyone gets what they love!


Sushi Station

If you and your fiance love a good sushi night, bring it to your wedding! This is always a hit and nobody will really expect it.


Pretzel Bar

Have a salty tooth instead of a sweet tooth? Soft pretzels are the best late night snack!


Donut Wall

Everyone loves donuts!! Such a cute idea for a sweet treat on your big day!


Oyster Bar

Oysters are a perfect addition to a wedding reception. They are grab and go and if you're having a wedding in the low country or near a beach they are fitting to style of the wedding.


Hot Chocolate bar

Having a fall or winter wedding? This is the perfect station to have on a chilly night! The little chocolate cups melt in your cup and makes for a sweet treat to end the night.

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