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6 "cool" ideas for a summer wedding

When you think of summer weddings you think of longer days, sun-kissed shoulders, colorful flowers, and of course... HEAT! Staying cool at a summer wedding can be a challenge but here are 6 tips to keep you and your guests cool the whole night!


1, Throw some shade!

When your guests arrive and find their seats, they will love to find something to battle the heat. Whether that something helps them shade their eyes or give them a little breeze, they will be thankful you thought about them having to sit in the heat.

Personalized sunglasses are a perfect party favor and your guests will thank you because they probably forgot to bring their own!

Personalized fans are another great idea to beat the summer heat! Your guests can use these during your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception to keep them cool all night long.


2. Consider the style and weight of your dress.

When shopping for your wedding gown, really think about the weight of the gowns you are trying on. A dress that is flowy, light, or something with a slit will keep you cool during the night so you wont have to worry about sweating!


3. Consider an updo to say "I do"

One easy way to stay cool for your wedding is to consider doing an updo to keep your hair off your shoulders and back. It is a very elegant look and you wont be worried about messing your hair up throughout the night. When planning your bridal look, this is something to think about!


4. Sweet summer nights!

Offering a refreshing, frozen treat is a great way to keep you and your guests cool during the reception. Anything such as popsicles, an ice cream bar, or snow cones are a cool addition to any wedding reception!


5. Keep your food fresh and your drinks cold

A stylish and useful idea to keep your food from wilting in the heat of the summer is to use platters layered with or made of ice! Seafood, salad, cheese, and fruit will stay fresher longer.


6. Set up drink stations

Whether people are arriving to the wedding, going to the cocktail hour, or out on the dance floor in the summer heat they are going to want a refreshment! By setting up drink stations, this allows guests to grab a quick water, lemonade, or tea when needed without having to wait on a sever.


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