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4 ways to style a clean, white dress

Clean, white dresses are in! Our most asked question, "What accessories should I wear with this?" The BEST part of getting a simple dress is being able to bring out your personality through accessories such as a veil , headpiece, earrings, bracelet, and shoes! When you start with such a clean slate, you will have endless options on how to style your dress for your big day!



If you are more traditional, this style is for you. Silver is always a classic color for jewelry on your wedding day. Pair your silver accent pieces with a beautiful lace veil and you will take what was a simple classic dress to a beautiful bridal look.



Gold accents are becoming more popular for women on their wedding day. If you are not the biggest fan of silver jewelry or maybe perhaps even have a gold wedding band or ring, this look is perfect for you!



These have been around FOREVER and they are a beautiful, subtle detail to add to your bridal look. Pearls are more traditional, however, when you add a pearl veil to your look it gives you a much more modern look.



Don't want to be as traditional? Add some color! Color is a great way to show off your personality through your accessories. If you love pink, add some pink accents. Same with blue, purple, green or even multicolored. Options are endless when itcomes to adding a touch of color.


Here at Verita, we LOVE accessories and we LOVE helping our brides complete their bridal look! Come shop accessories with us, most everything you see we can order for your big day. Give us a call to setup your accessory appointment!

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