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3 Tips for conquering your bridal appointment

Welcome to the Bridal World! You've just been proposed to by the love of your life and now you have to figure out what you are going to wear on one of the

most important day of your life! It is super exciting to have finally reached this part in the wedding planning, however its also important to recognize that a lot of Brides are overwhelmed by trying to find the dress. So I'm here to tell you, don't stress!

Here are a few tips to ensure that finding the dress of your dreams is the utmost magical moment!


tip #1 : Captain of the cheer team

Surrounding yourself with people who strive to uplift you and remind you how beautiful is quite the job! Witnessing someone finding their dream dress is a very intamte and joyous experience. It is quit common that tears are shed and compliments are tossed out from all parties! It is truly an honor to experience that moment alongside a best friend or sister or daughter. So as captian of your bridal squad, you have the right to choose who makes the cut! And just remember that this squad is there to cheer you on like only they know how!


tip #2: take a deep breath

Traveling to a new town or country can be scary and Bridal Country is no exception. So it really is okay if you have no idea what you are looking for, or are nervous that you wont find a dress that checks all your boxes. Take a deep breath and trust your bridal stylist. It is their job to be the tour guide you that helps you through the journey of finding your dress. So take a minute to relax and then just enjoy the moments of twirling in a ball gown or getting down in a mermaid!


TIp #3: Confidence is key

A big part of going into your first bridal appointment is mindset. It's so crucial to be confident! You are gorgeous and please dont forget it! Some dresses don't work and that is not your fault, there are a million dresses out there and I can guaruntee YOUR dress is out there! So be confident because you are stunning and when you find the one your cheer squad, stylist, and other brides in the store will not be able to stop themselves from compliementing your beauty!

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