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2022 in colors

A couple of weeks ago we talked about some trends we will see in 2022 weddings, and today we are going to look specifically at the top colors we will be seeing this year. The colors you choose for your wedding can go a long way in setting the vibe for your perfect wedding day, so let's look at some of the top ones we may be seeing this year!

deep greens

Green seems to be a big color for weddings every year, and this one is no exception. Especially for upcoming winter weddings, expect to see lots of hunter, emerald, and pine greens incorporated into wedding palettes. Green adds a festive, elegant touch to any wedding palette!

bright jewel tones

We are excited to get back to parties & gatherings & big weddings with all of our loved ones, and what better way to display that excitement than with bright, bold colors? Jewel tones add so much fun to a wedding palette, and the options for flowers and decor are endless when you have such a vibrant spread of colors to choose from!

Sea Glass

Sea glass (and other similar light blues) will be a huge color as the spring and summer weddings start happening! This color gives me all of the beachy, cool, calming vibes. It adds a soft and beautiful aura to any wedding day!

Earth Tones

In 2022, we will be seeing lots of earth tone wedding color palettes. This is one of those color schemes that can work all year round. For spring and summer weddings, you can pick up on more of the lighter nudes, pale orange and pinks, lighter greenery, etc. For fall and winter, you can pick up on the deeper oranges, darker greenery. Think lots of rust, terracotta, greenery, and nudes. Such a warm and gorgeous feel!


Yellow is having a moment this year! Brides are loving the warm, joyful, lively vibes that this colors brings! It adds an unexpected pop of colorful that spreads all of the happy feels for your wedding day. You can use a softer, paler yellow for the warmer months and opt for a mustard yellow for the perfect fall look!

Champagne & neutrals

This color palette has been popular for a quite a few years now, and we will continue to see this trending for the 2022 wedding seasons. Incorporating champagne and neutrals are the perfect way to get that chic, understated, sophisticated wedding look.

There are so many beautiful colors that will be making a splash this year and we cannot wait to see how all of you brides-to-be style your fabulous weddings!

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