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Single-Tier Cakes

A beautifully decorated single-tiered cake is the perfect option for a group of 10 to12, offering just enough for everyone on the small guest list to enjoy a slice.

Individual Mini Cakes

Many couples are opting for individual mini cakes to be served at each place setting.

Mixed Sweet Confections

More and more, bakers are adding multiple sweets to single-tiered or two-tiered cakes, offering a whimsical look to an otherwise simple cake table.

Plated Croquembouche

It’s becoming more common to ditch the idea of having a wedding cake altogether. With that, opting for another unique stacked dessert, such as croquembouche, has become popular in recent years.

Decked-Out Sugar Flowers

Edible flowers made out of sugar have been showing up more often on wedding cakes, but 2021 might just be their most popular year yet.
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