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Aries is the ultimate cool girl. Her style favors sleek fabrics and crisp, clean lines, with nothing overly feminine. Those born under this star sign are often upbeat, energetic and absolutely bursting with charisma, so the Aries bride isn’t afraid to stand out. Her ideal pick? A modern yet sassy style like the Marquette dress by Sottero Midgley. This sexy mermaid dress is ideal for the cool Aries bride!
Style: Polished, Bold, Modern


The Taurus star sign is ruled by the planet Venus, representing beauty and creativity. The ideal Taurus gown would be timeless and feminine. The Peggy dress by Rebecca Ingramm features a sheer beaded lace bodice that brings a simple silhouette to a new level for the elegant Taurus bride!
Style: Timeless, Elegant, Effortless


The Gemini bride is very social and always ready for fun, so you can be sure her taste in fashion is expressive and never boring. Expect an eye-catching blend of fabrics, textures and prints that’s sure to capture the gaze of her hubby-to-be and guests. The Henrietta dress by Calla Blanche is so versatile with removable sleeves that gives two looks in one, perfect for the Gemini twins!
Style: Fun, Sexy, Eye-catching


Those born under the Cancer sign have an appreciation for old world style. A vintage-inspired gown is the perfect way to go for the Cancer bride. Head-to-toe lace and A-line silhouettes that draw the eye to the natural waist. Think classic and feminine; not overtly sexy. The romantic Ada dress by Ti Adora is perfect for the feminine Cancer bride!
Style: Romantic, Vintage, Feminine


These natural born leaders are best known for their self-confidence, along with a flare for the dramatic. Leo’s style is larger than life and enjoys being the center of attention. Leo brides love bold beading, intense sparkle and dramatic volume. The Mackenzie dress by Calla Blanche is a perfect fit for the glamorous Leo bride to stand out on her wedding day!
Style: Fearless, Glamorous, Trendy


Naturally refined and elegant, this Earth sign is drawn to styles that are playful and simple. Even the smallest touches make a big difference thanks to the Virgo’s keen eye for detail. The Raelynn dress by Rebecca Ingrimm is a perfect choice for a Virgo bride with the details of the three bands accenting the beaded lace bodice!
Style: Refined, Practical, Playful


Libra is ruled by Venus, a lover of all things beautiful. Gals born under this sign gravitate toward glitzy embellishments and over-the-top beauty. The ideal bridal gown for the Libra bride has eye-catching accents and supremely sexy details; sheer panels and deep V-necklines. This Allure Bridal dress has a gorgeous keyhole back that gives Libra brides the sexy detail she's looking for!
Style: Luxurious, Sleek, Alluring


For the Scorpio bride, think refined style with an edge. Scorpio's are chic and mysterious and their style is the same. They are not interested in ruffles or sparkly embellishments. Scorpios would be happiest in a chic and sexy dress. The Allegra dress by Ti Adora is a great option for the chic Scorpio bride!
Style: Edgy, Sultry, Chic


The Sagittarius bride does everything on a larger-than-life scale including an over-the-top bridal gown. The Sagittarius is naturally extroverted and enthusiastic, so a playful style that stands out from the pack will be her best bet. This Allure Bridal strapless fit and flare gown with beaded floral appliques is perfect for the Sagittarius bride who wants all eyes on her!
Style: Striking, Bold, Confident


Capricorn is efficient and driven, with a focus and will to succeed. They prefer simple yet sophisticated designs with sculptural lines and plenty of structure. The Sienna dress by Calla Blanche is perfectly chic and polished for the sophisticated Capricorn bride!
Style: Sophisticated, Simple, Structured


The Aquarius sign is known for doing things in their own rebellious way. She prides herself on her unique sense of style and is often known as the trend-setter. Unique lace, beading and tons of sparkle are all fair game for the out-there Aquarius. They love to make a statement with their fashion choices especially on their wedding day. The Ashlyn dress by Calla Blanche is a great match for the free-spirited Aquarius!
Style: Unique, Trend-setter, Free-spirited


The signature style of Pisces is relaxed and flowing. A bohemian feel that’s new and fresh. The perfect gown for the Pisces bride is free-flowing with allover sequin lace. The Roxanne dress by Sottero Midgley will make this water sign feel like she's dreaming!
Style: Whimsical, Romantic, Dreamy

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