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Real Verità Bride Feature : Keslie Nolen

Q : How were you feeling when you first started looking for your wedding dress?

A: I was feeling very excited and a little nervous about finding the perfect dress.

Q : What made your experience at Verita special? 

A: From the start, my experience at Verità was different because I went there all by myself. I visited four other boutiques the weekend before with my mom and best friend, but I couldn’t find the perfect dress. I stopped by Verità one day after work and Jess made me feel so special and she took great care of me. I felt completely fine being there without my friends and family and I ended up finding the perfect dress!

Q : Describe the moment you found your dress, was it what you envisioned or were you surprised?

A: My dress was TOTALLY different than what I had envisioned, but I loved everything about it. I knew it was the one when I didn’t want to take it off. I could have stood in front of those mirrors twirling in that dress all day long! 

Q : Where did your wedding take place and what was your aesthetic? 

A: Our wedding was at Middleton Place. It had a romantic whimsical vibe with lots of candlelight, flowers and ivy.  

Q : What was your favorite part of your wedding?

A: My favorite part was the moment we said our vows and were pronounced husband and wife. A close second, though, was bringing out tambourines for everybody on the dance floor and finally letting loose and enjoying myself!  

Q : What advice would you give to future brides?

A: I would recommend for brides to not worry about the small details, especially on the day of your wedding. I was hyper-focused on everything going perfectly, and that prevented me from living in the moment and enjoying the whole day. Once all the details I had been obsessing about for months were set up and finished, I was finally able to relax and make lasting memories. I would also recommend to have a backup plan. It poured rain all day on the day of our wedding, so the planner had to make some quick changes to make our outdoor garden wedding take place inside. They pulled it off though and everything still looked beautiful!
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Photography by One Life Photography

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