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Q : How were you feeling when you first started looking for your wedding dress?

A : I was so excited to start wedding dress shopping! I practically dragged my crew to the boutique as soon as all of our schedules aligned.

Q : What made your experience at

Verità special? 

A : Walking into Verità, we were immediately surrounded by amazing dresses. I loved the one-on-one time with Jessica. We were the only ones in the boutique so she made me feel incredibly special and quickly picked up on my style. I know my crew loved the attention!

Q : Describe the moment you found your dress, was it what you envisioned or were you surprised?

A : I was totally surprised. Off-the-shoulder and separates were not at all on my Pinterest board. Jessica pulled the best for last. I knew stepping into the top that this dress was special and the skirt fit over the top perfectly. No one believes that the dress is two separate pieces, but I cannot wait to find a way to wear the top again! 

Q : Where did your wedding take place and what was your aesthetic? 

A : Old Wide Awake Plantation. I like to describe our wedding as a dinner garden party. The venue itself was white surrounded by lots of greenery, so we brought in pops of peach, terra-cotta, copper and gold. 

Q : What was your favorite part of your wedding?

A : Our vows and first dance were both unforgettable moments. On our wedding day, we were filled so much with joy and pride. Hearing our family and friends celebrate us through their awes, laughs, and cries was incredible. 

Q : What advice would you give to future brides?

A : You are only a fiancé for so long so take time to enjoy your engagement. Also, you will be given so many opinions about your plans for your big day. Let your opinion be the loudest and you will absolutely fall in love with how everything falls into place. (And so will everyone else!)
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Photography by Carolina Rain Photography

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